About me

Hi, I'm Rolf, a freelance PHP software engineer living in the Netherlands.

I know a lot about PHP, Laravel and Symfony. Interested in hiring me? Contact me at [email protected].

Most of the projects I'm working on are based on the Laravel or Symfony framework. Next to the frameworks I'm also creating applications with Symfony components. I'm also experienced in frontend (html5, css3, sass, VueJS, vanilla javascript) as well. And I know my way around devops (Ansible, Ubuntu, Nginx, Let's Encrypt, Redis, Supervisor). When I'm writing code, my focus is on SOLID/DRY/WET code and using Test Driven Development. Some of my other skills: SQL, BDD, DDD, Git, Git flow, peer reviewing, refactoring and coaching.

My gear: Home office / Apple MacBook Pro 16" / Wireless keyboard / Magic Mouse / 2 x Dell UltraSharp U2515H / PhpStorm / TablePlus / iTerm2 / Spotify on Sonos.