These are some of the projects I've been working on in the last couple of years.

DPG Media

Because of the DPG acquisition of Sanoma there was a need for a new backend developer. Because of my history with De Persgroep and Sanoma I've started for the second time at DPG Media. This time my focus is on Test Driven Development and using the SOLID principles to make and keep the API future proof.

Logius (

It was a pleasure to work on one the most busiest websites of the Dutch government. In this scrum minded organisation we have been working on a new implementation for both citizens and social housing organisations to make it much easier to share income data from citizens to the social housing organisations. Working on this project gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about a government and its IT.

Aalsmeer Flower Cup (volunteer)

For this international sports event, which is organised every two years, I've build their tournament management system. This system is able to manage the competitors and scores, as well as sending invoices to clubs or federations. The first version was written in 3 web applications: Laravel (API), Vue (app) and WordPress (website). This was rewritten into one system using Laravel. Maintaining 3 apps is taking a lot of time. Especially for the many WordPress updates its taking quite some time. Having one system makes updates a lot easier.

De Persgroep

Started as a VueJS frontend engineer, but worked mostly as their Laravel backend developer. The API was created in March 2018 and needed improvements. Together with the other backend developer, we've fixed the test suite and I've implemented Laravel Queue using Supervisor and Redis to improve response times.


I've worked on a few of the 'women' titles, especially on Helped the team on improving their codebase by writing clean reusable code using GrumPHP.

KYCnet / Maatwebsite

I've worked on their enterprise application running on Laravel. Due to a confidentiality agreement I can't say to much about this project where I've learned a lot.